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22 avenue Hochet / 3 avenue Dautheville 06160 Juan-les-Pins - France
Phone: +33 (0) 4 93 61 55 25
Reservation: A credit card number is required for all reservations. Prepayment: in order to guarantee your reservation a prepayment can be required Please note that owner of the credit card used for the payment should be the person staying at the Hotel. The credit card will be requested at the check in. Cancellation: Please refer to the cancellation policy notified on your reservation (flexible rate, non refundable rate) Check in: from 2PM Check out: till 12AM Terms of use: Damage to the hotel or its principals during the performance of the contract will be notified to the customer by the hotel within 8 working days of the expiration of the contract and repair will be required within 8 days from Reception of the hotel's mail. Any dispute and complaint by the customer can be taken into account only if it is formulated in writing and by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and then sent to the establishment within a maximum of 8 working days after the end of the event. In the absence of a satisfactory reply within a period of one month, the client may refer the matter to the Ombudsman for Tourism and Travel, whose contact details and details are available on his Privacy policy LThis   policy   explains   how   cookies   are   used   on   this   website.   The   policy   may   be   amended   from   time   to   time.   All   changes   made   to this   Privacy   Policy   will   be   updated   on   our   website.   By   using   this   site   you   agree   to   the   placement   of   cookies   on   your   computer   in accordance   with   the   terms   of   this   policy.   If   you   do   not   wish   to   accept   cookies   from   this   site   please   either   disable   cookies   or refrain from using this site.   1. What are Cookies?   A   cookie   is   a   text-only   string   of   information   that   a   website   transfers   to   the   cookie   file   of   the   browser   on   your   computer's   hard disk   so   that   the   website   can   recognise   you   when   you   revisit   and   remember   certain   information   about   you.   This   can   include   which pages   you   have   visited,   choices   you   have   made   from   menus,   any   specific   information   you   have   entered   into   forms   and   the   time and date of your visit.   2. Types of Cookies   There are two main types of cookies: Session   cookies:   these   are   temporary   cookies   that   expire   at   the   end   of   a   browser   session;   that   is,   when   you   leave   the   site. Session   cookies   allow   the   website   to   recognise   you   as   you   navigate   between   pages   during   a   single   browser   session   and   allow   you to   use   the   website   most   efficiently.   For   example,   session   cookies   enable   a   website   to   remember   that   a   user   has   placed   items   in an online shopping basket. Persistent   cookies:   in   contrast   to   session   cookies,   persistent   cookies   are   stored   on   your   equipment   between   browsing sessions    until    expiry    or    deletion.    They    therefore    enable    the    website    to    "recognise"    you    on    your    return,    remember    your preferences, and tailor services to you.    In   addition   to   session   cookies   and   persistent   cookies,   there   may   be   other   cookies   which   are   set   by   the   website   which   you   have chosen to visit, such as this website, in order to provide us or third parties with information.   3. Our use of Cookies   We   currently   use,   and   may   use   in   the   future,   cookies   on   our   website.   Cookies   allow   us   to   provide   a   customized   experience.   This   is a common practice on most commercial websites.   By   accessing   our   website,   you   agree   that   we   can   place   cookies   in   your   device.   These   cookies   include   domain   information   that   is used   to   maintain   aggregate   website   data   and   aids   us   to   learn   about   the   online   behaviour   of   our   guests,   including   how   often   they visit   our   website   and   their   click-through   behaviour   on   our   website.   This   information   is   used   to   improve   our   website’s   content   and navigation for our guests and to personalize our guests’ online experience. 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